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How it Started...


DDD was started by Aimee Matthews (Sabra) about 8 years ago. 

An avid pole performer and competitor, her passion for fashion led her to creating glitter heels and embellished pre-made polewear.                                                                               

Flash forward to 2018 and she started a full production polewear business Slinky Minx Polewear. 


This business had to close shop during COVID as the US manufacturer shut down their facilities.

Lessons learned, new inspiration and the desire to create led her to delve again into a new line of creative accessories and attire for dancers.

Her focus now is creating bespoke, unique chest harnesses, garter-belts, and chokers for pole dancers, or anyone liking an edgy touch to their look.

She also is creating fun, easy to wear pole attire for the exotic style dancer and urban hip hop style pole dancer.


Aimee is a the sole manufacturer of all her designs and makes each piece with attention to detail, the best quality materials and lots of love!

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