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  • I have a special color request. How do I order?
    We have a huge library of colors and trim choices. If you have a specific color in mind, please message us and we will collaborate with you to create your own custom, unique, one of a kind pieces!
  • Can I wear my new pieces for full body contact on the pole?
    It depends on the pieces you choose to wear. Keep in mind, our rhinestone trims are glued in place on the elastic, they are fairly resilient but hard contact with pole may cause stones to fray or loosen. Pieces that have trim on the waistband will be more subject to fraying if you are contacting the pole heavily i.e. leg hooks, etc. Our Athena Garter belt is the most pole friendly as it only has trims on the front hip. Chest Harnesses are easier to use with harder pole contact.
  • One of my pieces has some trim loosening...
    Given the nature of rhinestone trim, this is possible, we make every attempt to adhere our trims tightly. If this happens on one of your pieces, you have a couple of choices. Self fix: - Just use gorilla glue for fabrics on the loosened end, press firmly until set. We fix: You may send back your piece for repair by us. **Send a photo of your piece to our email ** We will check to make sure the trim you have is in stock ** All shipping costs are responsibility of buyer **No charge for basic repair
  • How should I store my pieces?
    We recommend keeping your pieces in a separate bag when using and transporting. At home, try hanging up your pieces to keep the trims flat Do NOT machine wash pieces. Take a damp cloth and wipe down if necessary Do not soak in water, glue may loosen. Please do not leave your pieces for long periods of time in a hot car, the glue may soften
  • How to put on and style our pieces
    Check out some vids and pics. for how to get into our pieces easily take some inspiration from our styling suggestions
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